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Free Website Traffic Tools


  Check Ranking


Keyword Typos

This tool allows you to check your search engine ranking / position on major search engines. Just type in your URL, keywords, and select the engines you want to check your website ranking on.


Over 10% of all searches contain spelling mistakes. Use this tool to find possible spelling mistakes for keywords to use in your site or your pay per click campaigns.

  Link Popularity


  Keyword Generator

Link Popularity Checker offers instant, online reports of a websites link popularity rating in major search engines.


Enter a keyword related to your site and we will show you related keyword searches and how many times they searched for.

  Doorway Generator


  Keyword Density

Just select the engine you want to target, fill out the form, and submit it! Then the code for your new doorway page is displayed for you to copy.


The tool will analyze a web page for the targeted keywords used. It will then look at the readable text of the page and calculate the density of the keywords within the page.

  Meta Tag Generator


  Search Engine Submission

Use our meta tag generator to easily make meta tags for your website. Most engines will use meta tags in order to determine where and how to list your website.


Sign up for free search engine submission. You will also have unlimited access to over 20 proven, powerful search engine optimization tools. These tools will get your website a top search engine ranking.

Guaranteed Search Inclusion  Guaranteed Search Inclusion New


Guaranteed Website Traffic  Guaranteed Website Traffic Popular

Guaranteed search inclusion programs or paid inclusion mean that, in exchange for a payment, a search engine will guarantee to list pages from a web site. This is a cost effective alternative to expensive  PPC listings.


Starting at only $2.25 per 1,000 unique visitors you can instantly generate massive amounts of traffic to your website. Increase sales, establish brand awareness, and generate new leads.

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